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Davis Mountains State Park, Texas

It’s been hot in Texas. It’s been really hot!  I’ve been longing for higher elevation and cooler temperatures!


This week we have been at the Davis Mountains Texas State Park. We had to stay fairly close to home base, so it worked out great!
As IMG_4705I write this, I am sitting outside “our moving house”, watching the sun slowly drift off behind the mountains, in complete awe of God’s incredible beauty which surrounds me. The last several days, I’ve seen picturesque landscapes which have literally taken my breath away and brought tears to my eyes, as I’ve whispered a prayer of gratitude and worship to my Savior. I’ve stood under the vast, clear mountain skies and stared at more stars than I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen and heard the most beautiful birds, and watched the colorful butterflies float by. And the clouds….none other can compare to the fluffy, cottony, cumulus clouds that fill the mountain skies each afternoon, offering glimpses of shade as they pass overhead leaving their enormous reflection across the mountainside.  We even got to experience a couple of cooling rain showers.  I think the evenings are my favorite. Once the sun sets, the cool breezes blow gently through the trees offering a breath of fresh air. Everything is so alive and so beautiful!   IMG_4728

IMG_4757Every morning we have gone up to the top of the mountain and done our school and work, surrounded by an elaborate tapestry created by none other than God.  I am so grateful that He has allowed us this opportunity to live a little outside of the box. I know this life would not be for everyone, but I don’t know that I will ever want to go back!


I am grateful for the opportunity, I never dreamed I would enjoy so much, to home school my children. They are thriving and learning so much. Today was our science day and we spent the afternoon at the McDonald Observatory. It was fascinating!  The kids got a big kick out of the massive telescopes. Tonight, we are going back for the Star Party!  I can’t wait for them to experience space in that way. Heck, I’m excited to experience it!   I’m not sure I’ve ever had the opportunity to look through a telescope into space!  We are all experiencing new things. Our lives are truly an adventure. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!


Update:  Highly recommend the McDonald Observatory Star Party!  What an incredible experience!  We got to look through about 10 different large telescopes and saw Saturn, the moon (up close and the whole thing), star clusters, and got an incredible tour of the constellations.  In Emily’s words, “That was the best field trip EVER!”  The coolest part?  I know the One who created all of that.  He created all of that and He also loves me!  What a magnificent, humbling, beautiful experience!  I can’t wait for our next adventure!

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