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Four Seasons Christmas

When you live in Texas you have to be ready for anything.  Yesterday, I had the feeling I should get up on the roof and repair that piece of corner trim that had got bent by a tree branch in the Fort Davis mountains.  Glad I did!

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we enjoyed temperatures of 80 degrees, and so were the Texas State Longhorn herd who also reside here!  The day after, we were talking with our neighbor, David, while the dogs played outside at San Angelo State Park.  Perfect day for completing our repair; slightly cloudy, with a temperature of 78 degrees and hardly any wind at all.  Then, literally within 5 seconds, the temperature dropped 15 to 20 degrees as a front blew in across the lake.  Last night we crashed at our parent’s house as the storm created 30 to 40mph winds.  Today (Sunday, December 27th), we are below freezing with blizzard conditions expected to last through the night.

It could be worse.  Currently, the death toll in the Fort Worth area has reached 11.  Tornado’s have leveled properties, and at least one RV park (Plantation RV Park near Sunnyvale, TX).  We are about a 5 hour drive from there.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

If you are in Texas, and you don’t like the current weather, stick around – it could change very quickly.


I am a thinker and a doer. Sometimes, by sheer coincidence, I get a good idea. If I do, it ends up right here.

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