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2015 Reflections and Connections

We have a little family tradition that we do every New Year’s Eve.  We document everyone’s favorite things for the year:  Favorite Things:  we did, to eat, to wear, to read, to watch, to listen to, things we loved about the year, things we’re thankful for, and things we want to do in the coming year.  Usually, as we go through the list and everyone answers, things from our summer vacations come up or something exciting the kids got for Christmas, etc.  But, this year was so different!  Our focus was so different! IMG_5734

2015 was a year of beginnings and ends, highs and lows, hellos and goodbyes, discovery, learning, and lots of family time.  We have, as a family, experienced so many different things this year, it’s hard to even remember them all!  We went to Ruidoso, NM and took the kids tubing for Valentine’s Day.  That was a new experience and so much fun!

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We went tent camping for the first time.  Paul is the only one who had been “camping” before.

IMG_4408We discovered that we love to sleep under the stars!  I remember saying at one point, “I could get really used to this!  I think I could live in a tent.”  That might be a little extreme, but I loved the simplicity of just having what we needed.  It was so nice to remove other distractions, just enjoy God’s marvelous Creation, and spend quality family time together.  I honestly think that’s what started us thinking about living the life we live now, as full-time RVers.

We spent quite a few weekends camping at Lake Nasworthy in my hometown of San Angelo, TX before we decided to buy Our Moving House.

Once we were all moved in to it, we went on many adventures!  IMG_4729We hiked through the Davis Mountains and enjoyed the cool mountain air and the breathtaking starry nights.  IMG_4955We swam in the crystal-clear water of the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool at Balmorhea State Park.

We played in the sand dunes at Monahans Sandhills State Park.  We explored and experienced the Monarch butterfly migration as they stopped over at San Angelo State Park.  IMG_5050We have spent priceless time with family we haven’t been around in years.  We stayed fairly close to “home” as we were learning how to navigate this new life on theIMG_4896 road, kitting out our rig, learning to rig up and rig down, empty tanks, etc., and also learning how homeschooling works for us. It has been such an incredible year!

So, back to our New Year’s tradition of listing our favorite things, it was really interesting to hear from the kids’ point of view.  A few of their favorite things from 2015 were:  hiking, living in the RV, reading, travelling, listening to the birds, and spending quality time with family.  Some of Paul and my favorite things were:  tent camping, snow tubing, Fort Davis McDonald Observatory (Star Party and tour), getting a truck, getting the RV, driving my truck (me), homeschooling, simplicity, and quality time with our immediate and extended family.

IMG_56212015 will definitely go down in the books as “that year that we….”  It’s always fun to reflect, but my favorite thing about 2015 was getting to connect with my kids and husband in a way that we have never been able to before!  Here’s hoping 2016 brings many more opportunities for grand adventures!  Thank you for reliving our year with us.  Happy New Year!



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