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It Rained On Our Parade – Lake Brownwood SP

We started our Spring Break a few days early because we could.  The kids crammed on Wednesday to get all of the “important stuff” done.  So, we took Thursday and Friday before the week were were claiming for Spring Break off of school work.  But…I feel like we got ripped off!

We were camping at the beautiful Lake Brownwood State Park.


We had a lovely site with full hookups….but it rained, not just sprinkled, but poured almost the entire 4 days we were there.  We were able to get out and get a few pictures when we first got there and the evening before we left.  Aside from the couple of times we went into town, we just hung out in Our Moving House and read books, watched movies, played board games, etc.  Miss Emily, my bookworm, cranked out 3.5 books in 3 days.  All of those things are great, but we were ready to play outside! By Friday evening, we were all climbing the walls!  The clouds began to break up and it was time to do a little exploring.

I must mention that we had very little Verizon phone service or internet there, even in town.  This is the first time we’ve faced that.  We’ve always at least been able to go into town to have service.  On Friday, Paul ended up driving into town and tapping into Walmart’s wifi to get some work done.  Thank goodness for places who offer free wifi!

But, about the park…there are several really picture perfect areas.

Like the fishing pier…


The lake hit 100% the day before we arrived, so as you can imagine, with the continued rain, there was water running in every overflow area.  Some of those areas were the most beautiful.  I love all of the colors and textures in this photo!  Can’t you just hear the water running down those rocks?


I wish I could have gotten a better picture of all of the cardinals!  At one point on my walk, I looked across and saw little dots of red all across the grass under a bunch of trees.  Then, as soon as I saw them, they were off to new places.  This is a terrible picture, but you can see the cute little thing standing out against the green grass.


We stayed in the full-hookup circle called Council Bluff on site #75.  It was nice and large and right on the end, so we only had a neighbor on one side.  I think next time we’ll forego the “luxury” of sewer connections and stay in the Willow Point area next to the “beach area”. It looked like my kind of place.  I think this lakeside site would suit me just fine!


Well, anyway.  It’s such a bummer to not be able to fully experience a new place.  We’ll have to do this park again sometime.  It is truly a beautiful place, and I feel like next time will be a much better experience!


2 thoughts on “It Rained On Our Parade – Lake Brownwood SP

  1. Hi! I feel like I should introduce myself since I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while. I’m Monica and my husband Eldon is a travel nurse. We have 4 children, ages 7,4,3,and 1. Eldon is currently working in Brownwood and we stay at the State Park all the time except for every other weekend when he is off. I’m thinking you were here last weekend, during all the rain? We left Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. We stay in Willow Loop and use a blue boy. 20 and 22 are our favorite spots :). Maybe next time we’ll be able to meet up!

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    1. Cool! That would be awesome! I’ll keep you in mind if we make it back through there! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying our blog. 🙂


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