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A Diamond in the Rough – Lake Colorado City State Park


Lake Colorado City State Park, which is situated off of I-20 about half way between Abilene, TX and Midland, TX, is a bit of a diamond in the rough.  Lake levels are low in this part of Texas, as it has been hit hard by drought the last several years.  As of March 19, 2016, it is only 27.4% full.


Our campsite is immaculate though.  It is rare that you have a picnic area with no spider webs all over it.  That’s usually one of the first things we have to do upon arrival at a site; knock down spider webs.  The grass had been mowed recently and we have a HUGE site.  We got to the park really late in the day yesterday, and got the last “premium”, i.e. pull-through site, which is on the back side away from the lake.  That said, I can see the lake from my bedroom window!  I am looking out on it as I write this.  We are on site #77.    There is no one close to us.  We basically have this entire side to ourselves, which is kind of nice.  The sites are only water and electric here; no sewer (no biggie for a few days!)


I decided this morning that even though this park didn’t seem very spectacular, every Texas State Park we’ve been to has something to offer…something unique and beautiful about it.  Why would this one be any different?  The kids had decided they wanted a movie day and wanted to stay in their pajamas all day, so Tipper and I set out to find something pretty to take a picture of.  It was quite a walk from our campsite down to the boat ramps and day use area, but so worth it!  We found all kinds are pretty things.


The first thing we found was the “swimming area”, which consisted of a sandy “beach” area, where we even found freshwater shells.  I can imagine that during the summer this area is a lot of fun!  Tipper got a big kick out of the waves.


As we continued walking around this area, we came across a field of bluebonnets!  I couldn’t believe it!  Up to this point, all I had seen was cactus, mesquite trees, and weeds.  But, they were beautiful!  We saw several other daisy type flowers around too.


Once we had explored all around the area, we started heading back to our camp. IMG_5796 On our way back, I heard a noise in the brush to the right of us, looked over, and saw a huge armadillo!  Tipper went a little crazy so I didn’t get a great picture before she scared it off, but it was so cool!


The moral of this story is…even when if feels like there is no beauty around you, there is.  You might have to look for it, but it’s there!  Life can be that way.  Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone, go out of your way, and dig deep to find the beauty in your situation, but there’s always something there to praise God for!


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