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Today Is The Day

Some think we’re crazy,

Some think we’re not.

Some think we’ve lost our minds.

Some want what we’ve got.

What you think of us is not important.

Please listen to what I have to share.

This life is temporary and fleeting.

It is time for us to care.

Life is too short not to live.

There is so much to experience.  

Our life on the road is a choice,

Not a random happenstance.

Success is not about the money.

It’s not about the “things”.

Success is doing what you love

And living out your dreams.

We love the adventure.

There is so much to learn about.

We didn’t want to wake up one day,

And realize we had missed out.

When we had a large house,

We filled it up with stuff.

In Our Moving House,

We have just enough.

We are rich in love and filled with joy.

We spend time doing things we love.

We spend a lot of effort exploring

The beauty created by God above.

In finding our stride,

And escaping the “rat race”,

We are making memories

And finding our place.

We make friends and spread love

Every new place we go.

Wherever God plants us,

Is where we choose to grow.

There is almost always

A story to be heard or told,

Or a seed to be planted.

It never gets old!

If I said everything was perfect,

It wouldn’t be completely true.

But, I wouldn’t trade the worst day now,

For anything I once knew!

Love on your children.

Take time to cuddle and to play.

We’re not promised tomorrow.

Today is the day!


Written by:  Candy Sinar

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