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Something Beautiful Happened

We recently had an unexpected blessing happen into our lives.


While at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, TX, we were getting ready one morning to go into town, when we had a knock on our door. Usually in a state park, the only person who knocks on your door is a park ranger, so my initial thought was there was more rain coming and we would have to move, or we forgot to pick up after the dog or something similar.  So, I let Paul get the door.  🙂

As I continued fixing my hair, I could hear him outside talking to people and laughing, so I was intrigued, finished up inside, and stepped outside to join them.  That was the moment I met the most precious family…The Morycon Family…Brian, Joy, Lucy, Ramey, and Liam.

They were camped across from us and when they were looking for Wifi, ours came up as “OurMovingHouseDotCom” because we so cleverly named it that for this exact reason…to connect with people who follow our adventures.  When it came up, they looked up our website and read a few of our blogs including Our Story, found us on Instagram, and when it was obvious that we had much in common, they came over to introduce themselves.  We made plans to connect that evening for dinner after our adventures into town.


Joy said to me the morning we met that we were an answer to their prayers.  They had been praying for community and friends while on the road.  That was the main thing they missed since being fulltime.  We’ve met quite a few people along the way; some we’ve spent a good bit of time with, some we haven’t.  But, this was the first time we had connected with another fulltime family like this.  It was a truly beautiful thing!  It was as if we had known each other forever.

We brought hotdogs and our new friends provided salad and smores!  We talked, shared stories, and enjoyed every second of our evening with them.  We knew immediately that we shared a common faith.  Brian is a worship leader and web designer, so he and Paul hit it off right away.   Joy grew up on the mission field of Chile, has a heart for the people there, and would love to go back some day.  They have been on the road as fulltime RVers for about a month.


Their 3 children hit it off beautifully with our children.  Tyler especially was excited to have friends his age to play with….and play they did!  I’ve never seen him so eager to knock out his school work in the mornings!

That night was so precious.  Something beautiful happened.  After letting the kids play themselves out, getting them to bed, touring each others campers, and talking a little more, we met up again around the campfire, and friends, Jesus showed up!  We had such a time of fellowship and worship as our new friend, Brian, played his guitar and sang a few songs.  We prayed and just basked in our new friendship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also in God’s love and provision for our lives.  It was so incredible how He answered their prayer by sending friends, but He answered something in our lives that we didn’t even realize we needed.



Just as we were winding down around 11 pm, a young lady walked up.  She said she had heard the music and wanted to know if she could come join us.  She had no idea what she was walking into.  I got her permission to share a little bit of her story because I think it gives you a better picture of what God was up to that night.  She has had a really tough time lately.  Her family is in shambles, and her young children are staying with her brother while she tries to figure out what to do to piece things back together. She is also a fulltime RVer, but things haven’t turned out the way she had envisioned for “living the dream”.  She has been through so much, and how sweet of God to prompt her heart to join our party that night.  She approached us with a broken heart, but was surrounded with love, acceptance, and the power of prayer.  She couldn’t have found a better place and more loving arms to walk into.  As it turns out, she had once been a faithful Christ-follower, but had strayed over the years.  Our encounter that night, relit the flame within her heart that had just been a flicker for years.  She recalled that night to me saying it was “one of the most meaningful and powerful moments” of her life.  She continued, “A relationship once lost and forgotten is now alive and thriving” inside of her like never before.  The hopes and dreams of this world had let her down, but now there is a “little ray of hope building with a love” she knows is “going to be everlasting”.

God showed up that night.  The Holy Spirit led our sweet, new friend to our campfire to be lifted up in His Name and encouraged.  Not only did He encourage and renew our spirits, I believe that night was orchestrated to bring one of his sheep home.  I love watching God in action.

It’s been really different since we’ve been fulltiming.  Church has been a question mark when we are on the road, which is a little strange for people who have been on a church staff for a long time, and used to being there whenever the doors are open.  When we are home with family, we attend a great church with them.  It’s nice to sit down the row from my parents, siblings, and their spouses. It’s great for my kids to be involved in a “Sunday School” and “Youth Group” setting with other kids their age.  But, we have never put the responsibility of our Spiritual walk, or our children’s, on “the church”.  It’s hugely important for us to walk daily with Christ, to read His word, and to pray.  It’s also important to lead our children to do the same.

But, you know what? Church doesn’t just happen within four walls.  Sometimes it happens around a campfire. Sometimes it happens over coffee.  Sometimes it happens among strangers. Sometimes it happens at our kitchen table.  Sometimes it happens in a forest. Sometimes it happens at a lake.  Sometimes it happens in the mountains.  The fact is, it doesn’t matter where you are.  God is everywhere.  It’s us who need to seek His face more. There is no limit to God showing up.  You can go to a church building on Sunday morning and completely miss Him.

It’s been so nice to experience Christ’s love in its purist form this paIMG_6481st week.  My heart is so full.

We were supposed to move the next day, but we woke up to thunderstorms which would have followed us to our next destination.  So, thankfully, we were able to stay an extra night.  We hung out most of the day and had dinner again that evening with our new friends.

I said to Joy at one point that I think we got a little taste of what Heaven will be like.  We were strangers, but we were connected on a spiritual level through our love for our Savior.  We are now precious Kingdom friends.


What a wonderful time!  These moments will be treasured for many years to come.  Thank you, God, for allowing me to be a small part of your plan.  May we always be open to your will and your purpose for our lives.  May we seek You first above all else.  Please bless our new friends on their journeys and according to your will, give them the desires of their hearts in Your perfect timing.  Amen.


8 thoughts on “Something Beautiful Happened

  1. Dearest family “Our Moving House”….please know that even here in central Chile (I’m Joy’s mom) that hearts are being blessed by what we “see” happening. There is no greater joy than to see your children walking, living and loving HIM!! Praying for more God encounters for your family and the Morykon family. Melody Dooley Missionary in Chile with W.A.R. International

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  2. As a church staff family, this post was such an encouragement. It was filled with God-moments that sparked hopefulness within me. Eventually, we hope to do some fulltiming (whether for a few months~or a few years), and I pray that the Lord will give those times of refreshing and fellowship to us and others we meet along the way.

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