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Winter Texans

We are well into 2019 now.  Where has the time gone??  We have been back in Texas since the end of October.  This time of year is such a treasure to us.  As much as we love traveling and exploring new places, we also love being back in Texas with family in the winter.  We spent too many years living away from family, missed too many holiday gatherings, and missed out on so many opportunities to love on the people we love the most.  I love that we get to have the best of both worlds now. ❤️  Everyone has different reasons for living the full-time RV lifestyle.  Three and a half years in, and we still love the freedom of choosing when and where we do life.

So, what do our winter months look like?  Family and fun…LOTS OF IT!

Welcome Home Celebrations


Emily Gets to Take Guitar Lessons



She’s amazing!

My Sister’s Baby Reveal Party

My youngest sister is having twin girls any day now!

Cousin Time!


Adorable Birthday Gift From My Sister

I’m the “Big Sis” ❤️

BIG Family Thanksgiving at My Parents’ House

RV Maintenance and Repairs

We ended up having to replace the hot water heater.  Bought one online and did all the work ourselves.

Love Being Back on Family Land

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Our Annual Keel Klan Family Christmas Party Hosted by my Brother and Sis-In-Love…we have a different host and different theme each year.  So fun!

You Can’t Beat Texas Sunsets…

More RV Maintenance…Repainting The Roof

A little Christmas Trip to San Antonio for Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Christmas Eve Service with our Paul Ann Church Family

Christmas Fun…Our 4th RV Christmas

INCREDIBLE Double Rainbow!


Started the Year out with a Knee Replacement for my Mom…we got to spend a lot of time together.  🙂

Paul installed Grab Bars in the Parents’ Bathroom & Tyler and I Built Shelves in their Storage Building

Emily attending REFUGE Weekend at Paul Ann Church

Now???  We await the arrival of these sweet babies!  Can’t wait to meet them!


In the meantime, we’re just enjoying life, and doing our thing.


We don’t really know when we’ll be rolling again.  My Daddy needs back surgery and is awaiting a doctor’s appointment to come up with a game plan for that.  My sister is about to pop any day now.  We look forward to spring temperatures, new babies, healthy parents, and serving them whenever and wherever we can.  We are very content with where He has us right now.  Work has been consistent, the kids are doing great with school, and we are at “home”. God has been good to us! We will continue to seek Him and His timing in our travel planning and adventures.  ❤️

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