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Summer in Iowa – Take Two!

Last summer, we left Texas late!  Read more about how that happened here.  We were determined, God willing, not to do that this year.  100°+ temperatures are just not fun in the RV.  We initially planned to head out on May 10, 2019. Our seasonal site in Iowa had been available since April 1 and we were ready.  All loose ends had been tied up.  We had dinner with, and said our “see you laters” to all the family.  It was time….so, we headed out a week early!

We officially hit the road for the summer on Saturday, May 4.


We spent a night north of DFW at Sanger / Denton North KOA Journey.  It was right off the Interstate and a big, long site, so we didn’t even have to unhook.  Score!

Sanger / Denton North KOA Journey
Sanger / Denton North KOA Journey, TX

We rolled on the next day, Sunday, May 5, to Wellington, Kansas. We had reservations at the Wellington KOA until Thursday, May 9.  We had a lot of work to get done, so traveling the whole way was out of the question.  We needed to stop and get a few work days in there.  We had a pretty exciting stay in Wellington.  Storms, storms, and more storms! Tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, hail, flooding….oh my!  On Wednesday late afternoon, the creek behind us broke its banks and our site went from squishy grass to a foot of water in about 10 minutes.  We packed up and hooked up faster than we’ve ever done so before…about 5 minutes…and got the RV out of there!  It’s good to know we can be super quick if necessary!  I don’t think we lost anything in the process, which is amazing!  Other campers rallied together to help us gather everything.  We opted to move to higher ground for the night, so we moved up to the Walmart up the road.  Most of the campground ended up following us because the water continued to rise.

That night, the storms were brutal!  We didn’t sleep much, but then the morning came. Paul rode his bike back up to the campground and the water had receded.  We had one more night booked there, so we went ahead and moved back over there, but chose a higher site.  The campground staff were awesome, and ended up refunding us for the night we had to move out.  We didn’t even ask them to.  It wasn’t their fault!  It was greatly appreciated though!  We were soooo glad to see the sun come out!


On Thursday, May 9, we were definitely ready to move on. We finally got smart and got ourselves a K-Tag for the Kansas Turnpike.  It’s always a little stressful to figure out and navigate through the toll stations with our rig.  We should have done this way before now!  It was so easy, and we felt like the “cool kids” rolling through there!  🙂

Untitled design - 2019-05-15T154112.080


We were super excited to stop at our next stop.  We stayed there last year on our way through, and fell in love with the place!  The owners are super nice as well.  We will always stop at Eagle Ridge RV Park in Eagleville, Missouri on our way north on I-35.

We stayed a couple of nights with them, and caught some beautiful sunsets!

Then, first thing Saturday, May 11, we woke up bright and early, and started packing up to roll on to our final summer destination. We were so excited to go back to eastern Iowa!  We arrived safe and sound, and got all set up.  As it turns out, we ended up in a large corner site in our campground overlooking the Mississippi River.  This will be our “base” for the summer.  We absolutely love this area.  There are tons of things to enjoy as a family.  Last year, I broke my foot at the beginning of our Iowa trip, so I am looking forward to doing all of the things I wasn’t able to last year!  Lots of exploring to do!  🙂



God has placed this community in Eastern Iowa on our hearts above all other places we have been in the past…almost 4 years.  We constantly seek His will and plan for our family.  We want to be exactly where He wants us to be. We haven’t stopped thinking about this place since we left last year early September.  We look forward to plugging into the community and making new friends here over the coming months.

Proverbs 3:6 “Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

Also, I had a lovely Mother’s Day!  ❤️


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