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Almost Ready to Roll

I love, love, love being close to family in the winter months.  Texas is absolutely stunning in early spring.  The wild flowers are incredible!  It’s the one time of year that everything is green (before it all burns up in the summer).  🙂 (3)
Paint Creek Cemetery, Texas

I love spending time with family.  I love celebrating birthdays, holidays, reunions, and births with the family.  I love hanging out with my siblings, who are, as adults, my very best friends. (I’m so glad I didn’t kill them when we were growing up.  LOL!)  I love hanging out with my parents.  This year has been an eventful one for them so far…knee replacement, surgeries, doctor visits, etc.  Glad we were here to step in and help when needed.  We also welcomed twin girls to our family!  They are so precious!

I love the opportunities my kids have when we are close to family in the winter months. I love that they get to spend tons of time with their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other extended family.  I love that my children get to participate in organized church activities while we are “home”.  I absolutely LOVE that I have a close family.  Family is one of the main reasons we chose this RV lifestyle.  We have shared some priceless, precious moments the past couple of years.

The disadvantage of being home?  Routine and busy-ness…the same things that happen to most people.  There is something on my calendar almost every single day when we are “home”.  Our schedule rules us.  None of the things on my schedule are bad.  In fact, most things are very, very good…


…when we are on the road, I tend to find my rhythm.  Being in new places stirs creativity in me.  It stirs something deep within my soul on a spiritual level, like it’s somehow a calling?

It’s a little bizarre because I lived in the same city from birth until I was in my late 20’s, almost 20 of those years in the same house.  Most of the photos we take at holidays are at my parents’ house…the house I grew up in.  We tend to have a lot of pictures like this one with this tree and the neighbors’ house in the background.  Ha!

Our family

I just shared a post to my personal Facebook page asking my Facebook friends to tell when they first met me.  It is fascinating to me, and humbling, how God has orchestrated meeting after meeting throughout my life.  I’m not just talking about acquaintances either.  I’m talking about people who have directly impacted my life.  I may not talk to them regularly or see them often, but there is something that bonds us together whether an experience, a memory, something in common, etc.  As I read each response, I instantly had a memory of a moment shared with that person.

So, that said…we’re about ready to roll.  We always miss family when we go, but so thankful for technology.  By the way, if your family doesn’t have an ongoing group text or group Facebook message, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Ours is hilarious much of the time…especially that one time when I accidentally called everyone on video chat at the same time and they all answered!  LOL!  THAT was funny!  It’s a great way for us to all stay connected whether we are sharing big life moments or everyday fun.  We talk almost every day on our group chat.  The name of our group started out as “Sinar Family Adventures”, but at some point, it became obvious that it was not a place just to share our adventures.  The name then became “Family Adventures”.  Now, everyone shares their adventures.  I love it!


The road is calling.  Adventure is calling.  We have a few loose ends to wrap up before we head out, but we are so excited about the adventures and opportunities God will place before us on our travels this year!  We look forward to exploring new places, making new friends, and hopefully bumping into a few old ones.  🙂

Our tentative departure date from Texas is Friday, May 10th….more adventures ahead!



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