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Our Answer to the “Work Question”

So, you’re curious…we’ve had so many questions about how all of this “Our Moving House Stuff” works. Anytime we meet someone new and tell them we are full-timers, the majority of people respond with, “Wow!  You are living my dream!” Then, the next question out of their mouths is, “How do you do it?  How do you make a living on the road?  What do you people do for work?”


I know the answer to this question varies among full-timers.  We see that question constantly on Fulltime RV related Facebook pages.  My basic simple answer is…if you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it work.  You might have to get creative or learn a new skill, but it is very do-able.  People can get really creative.  We happen to live in a day and age, where the Internet allows for so many possibilities.  That said, you do have possess a certain skill set to make it work.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to play every day! Although if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, it looks like we do.  LOL!  It would be really boring if I only posted pics of us working all the time.  🙂 We do have a pretty cool “office” set-up in our bunk room.  That was one of the first modifications we made to our RV.  If you’re interested in what we did, you can read more about that here.


That said, sometimes I do feel like I have the most beautiful office in the world!  We do get to work in some beautiful surroundings.


Some days are “travel days”, some are “work days”, some are “play days”, and some are “we are so tired, we can’t even think about doing anything days”.  It’s a job to balance everything.  Fortunately for us, most of what we do can be done anywhere we can get an Internet connection.  (After two years, we have finally cracked the secret to that.  I’ll have to get Paul to blog about our set-up when he gets a minute or two.)  Sometimes it’s hard to be in a beautiful location and be working our tails off the whole time.  But, those days of working our tails off are what allow us to do the things we do.  🙂  We run a Media/Marketing Business, Sinar Media Consultants, LLC, which allows us to work on the road.  Our “office location” just changes regularly.  We have found that being in different surroundings is inspiring and stirs our creativity.  It also means that our work doesn’t get stuck in a “bubble”.  We see things all over the country that inspire us to create unique products for our clients. So, we actually see our travel experiences as an asset to our clients.

So, to be more specific about what we actually do; we offer a wide range of marketing packages, uniquely tailored to our clients’ desires and budget, including (but not limited to): website design, graphic design, logo design, TV and radio commercial production, billboard graphic production, and various other promotional products.  We also are an agency who can manage the placement of each of these products if the client desires. Our award-winning designs are sure to grab the attention of the audience our clients seek to reach.  We handle everything from a single one-time production to complete start-to-finish multi-media marketing campaigns.  We also offer social media management packages.  We post to the clients’ social media venues so they don’t have to.  This is a great service because it saves them time and money, while also promoting their business or cause to a targeted audience.  Our motto is “We Tell Your Story”.  We believe everyone has a story worth being heard.  Sometimes the trick is in the delivery.  That is what we specialize in.


We love to travel and sightsee, so usually what we do is spend a week each place we visit. That way we get to work and school (during the school year) during the week, and play on the weekends.  The exception to this is when we are home in Texas for the winter months, and last year when we were in Ohio for the entire summer.

We had initially planned on spending the entire summer this year in Ohio, helping out at a youth camp in our spare time.  As it turned out, we had no spare time this summer! God has been so good and has provided so much work for us the last few months. We found ourselves having to go away for weeks at a time just to get done what we needed to get done without interruptions.  In the end, we just decided to go ahead and head out. The decision was made with mixed feelings.  We have so many friends at Camp Chautauqua, and they have been so good to us.  We will miss them dearly.  We pray daily for God to continue to use the camp and the people there for His glory and purpose.


So, here we are.  We’re hanging out at an RV Park in Michigan this week, cranking on some work, enjoying the full hook-ups, great cell/Internet signal, and getting laundry done.  We aren’t doing much exploring this week.  Some weeks are like that.  The kids are happy to have some fun things to do at this park though.  The park itself is a little…errr…different, as it’s filled with 1000+ RVs, but most of them are permanent fixtures.  Many have even built decking and porches around them, have storage buildings, and have installed crazy plumbing contraptions. It kind of seems to defeat the purpose of something on wheels.  We are in a row of travelers though, in a nice, large pull through site.  It is a Passport America park, so we got a great price on it, too. We aren’t complaining.  🙂  To each their own!  We’ll be heading out on Saturday, heading toward Wisconsin…new week, new park, new work, new things to learn, and plenty to see…and my parents and niece will be driving up from Texas to join us for the week!  We are truly living our dream!  Excited to share the week with them.  🙂


So, there you go.  That’s what we do for work.  There are a ton of us younger professionals out here living this lifestyle.  It’s not just for retirees anymore!  It kind of gives us the best of both worlds.  We get to use our talents, earn a living, and we also get to do it from wherever we happen to be.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Happy and safe travels, friends!  I gotta get back to work!  😉

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