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2017 in Review

2017…What a year!  Wow!  I’ve tried several times to sum our our year in 9 photos on Instagram or 40 photos on Facebook.  The fact is, I have about 5,000 photos from 2017. How do you choose favorite moments when I treasure them all so much?  We hit a total of 19 states in 2017, each with interesting places, new friends, memories, and great stories.  I try to blog and share as we go for this exact reason because there is no way I can sum up an entire year of our adventures in one post!  These are the pictures Instagram chose for me….our most liked of 2017.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 4.08.47 PM

So, feel free to look back at our previous blogs through the year if you’re interested.  🙂 There are a few!  Check out one or two, or read them all!  We had a wonderful year.  God has blessed us beyond measure to live this life of adventure!

The Art of Collecting Moments

Untitled design

There Is Something To Be Said…



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Our Travel Log – Free Printable


Our Answer to the “Work Question”

Our Answer to the -Work Question-

Our 2nd Nomadiversary


The Time My Parents and Niece Came to Play

Follow your dreams

The Badlands Were So GOOD!


Sometimes God Changes Our Trail


More Utah Surprises

We Love Utah!

Our Beautiful Disaster in Colorado


I haven’t done a blog about our 2017 Home for the Holidays, but you can rest assured there was a lot of fun involved.  I have the exciting privilege of party planning for our family Christmas each year.  This year, we decided on an Ugly Elf theme for the adults. Oh the hilarity!  So much fun!  This is me with my parents and siblings.  Too bad we don’t like to have fun!


My parents got us the coolest t-shirts made this year for Christmas, too!  Check these out!

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