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Rooming With My Sister (This Will Be Fun :P)

Tyler is entering a short story contest by Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool.  He chose to write a somewhat comical, yet sweet, true story about sharing a room with his teenage sister.  🙂


My name is Tyler.  I am a ten-year-old boy and I live in a RV.  I share a bedroom with my teenage sister, Emily, and my dog, Tipper.  As far as RV bunk rooms go, ours is one of the biggest ones you can get in an RV.  But, in the beginning, I was still concerned for my well-being, sharing a room with my sister.

Almost four years ago, my family of four, plus our dog, was ready for a change.  Though we lived in a large home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, it was in a city that was not very safe.  My dad was working long hours and we never got to see him. We thought about buying a house closer to family in my mom’s hometown, but then we had a change of plans. My dad called a family meeting and we decided, as a family, to try RV living.  We looked at tons of RVs before we found the 5th wheel we would buy.  We moved our family into a 42-foot Sandpiper 5th wheel.  It was beautiful and amazing, but I suddenly realized I would be sharing a small bedroom with my teenage sister.  I was hoping that our plans for big adventures would outweigh the fact that I would have to share a room.

There are almost five years age difference between my sister and me.  Obviously, she is a girl and I am very much a boy.  She is artistic, musical, and a bit of a homebody.  I, on the other hand, love gaming, reading, exploring, making friends, fishing, and playing outside.  I tend to be the outgoing one of the family.  On the surface, Emily and I have very little in common.  I found myself wondering how this arrangement was ever going to work.  How will we have any privacy?  Is Emily going to drive me bonkers?  How do you share a room with a teenage girl?  What do we do if this does not work?

Surprisingly, our family was just very happy to be together.  Emily and I have become the best of friends.  We actually enjoy playing games together, crashing in my bottom bunk to read (which we have discovered we both enjoy), talking, telling jokes, and laughing together.  I am happy to report that my sister and I have developed a lovely relationship, and most of the time, she does not drive me bonkers.  I try my hardest not to annoy her as well.

Through the experience of both living in an RV and sharing a room with my sister, I have learned to be patient and kind.  My perspective on sharing a room with my sister has changed because it has actually been fun.  I believe we are closer because of it.  We now have a better appreciation for each other’s interests.  I think it’s safe to say that we make it work.  Somedays it would be nice to have my own room, but I love the experiences we are having and the memories we are making.

3 thoughts on “Rooming With My Sister (This Will Be Fun :P)

  1. Tyler, what a great essay! You and your sister are amazing and I love you both so much! I hope that as Colby gets older, he and Hannah will be just as close as you and Emily are!


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